Wikitalia   CATALYST

CATALYST brings together deeply experienced community-partners and academic research partners to deliver an ecosystem of Collective Intelligence services that will augment partners’ platforms with Web-based Annotation tools; Recommenders to help users prioritise attention; Online creativity triggers; Interactive Visualizations, and Social Network and Deliberation Analytics.

In the context of the CATALYST project, Wikitalia is involved in an effort to build Edgesense, an easy-to-install social network analysis software for common CMSs (we'll start by targeting Drupal.)

We know online communities have interesting properties, but through this tool we'll try to help community managers to answer the question: how much can we control them?

The Network

The tool will provide insights to help the community manager get a sense of what is happening in the community.

Stay tuned for more!

The Edgesense Architecture

This is a high level view of the architecture that we are imagining for the social network analysis component that is being developed for CATALYST.